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Nourish your BODY | Empower your MIND | Heal your SPIRIT
"Allow me to heal you from inside out 
by taking you on a transformational journey 
of holistic healing and self discovery."
Michele d Moore
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Peace &



Having struggled to deal with pancreatitis for 4 years and frequently looking for potential solutions on how to manage my symptoms, I came across a written article by Dr Moore about the utility of fasting with regards to healing.  So I decided to get in touch to learn more.

She provided me a free initial consultation where I could explain my own situation and she described to me what all she could offer.  I decided to opt for her guidance towards a 48hr fast.

Dr Moore was very engaging and made me feel very supported.  Not just during the fast but also before and after.  She was always more than happy to answer all my questions (and there were many!).

I survived the fast and feel well equipped to take on fasts in the future, potentially for even longer than 48hrs.  I feel a lot more informed with regards to nutrition and feel better armed going forward and managing my condition.

I highly recommend.  Thanks Dr Moore!



Having Michele guide me mentally and emotionally has made me see life, work and relationships in an entire new light.


I felt I could be honest around Michele, she helped me identify a lot of destructive patterns.


My Journey was very much transformational. Once that mental strength has been fostered, it changes everything.


Therapy made me become more confident. It's an investment on yourself, I'm grateful I have a voice now.